Magic In The Desert – Open Heart Story

Story By Cynthia Lee De Boer

Our wedding was a picnic in the park with a guest list of family, friends and bighorn sheep.  The polite sheep stood just off the grass until my new husband and I shared our matrimonial kiss.  A watermelon seed spitting contest, a three-legged race and a water balloon toss, which quickly turned into a war between our male and female guests, followed the ceremony.  All the while the sheep were watching and grazing.  We grazed too, consuming insane amounts of food and cake with water and soft drinks to wash it down.  A gentle breeze kept us cool as we ate, laughed and played through the afternoon.  Grateful hearts, full bellies, and cheeks sore from laughing ended that day nearly fifteen years ago.

Today, my husband and I have returned to our favorite park to relax on a blanket while we enjoy the bighorn.  Their bright white rumps glistening in the sun accent their various shades of brown and gray hides.  Large sets of curled horns adorn the ram’s heads making them the most sought after stars of the park.  It seems, like movie stars, the sheep understand what the locals and tourists are doing. They take turns posing to allow the perfect shot to be captured on film while carefully keeping a safe distance from their excited fans.  The park is famous for these magnificent rock climbers and the wildlife doesn’t stop there.  An observant eye can catch flashes of rabbits, quail and native birds but the illusive coyote stays hidden.

The park also features a wonderful view of nearby Lake Mead.  The water of the lake is flat today transforming it into a giant mirror, reflecting the color of the sky and the white wisps of clouds inching along.  The mountains surrounding the lake are surreal, appearing to be a massive movie backdrop, changing colors and moods with the water and light.

Encompassing nearly ten acres, the park consists of gazebos, playgrounds, tennis courts, and horseshoe pits.  Year round celebrations are made even more enjoyable because of the rest rooms and drinking fountains.  This diverse location draws people of all ages and walks of life including artists and photographers.  They stay busy capturing breathtaking views and some of life’s most precious moments.

The name of this gracious host is Hemenway Valley Park, which is located in Boulder City, Nevada just off Highway 93 at 199 Ville Drive.  The small town of Boulder City was created as a base camp during the construction of Hoover Dam and many of the original buildings remain.  Approximately thirty-five minutes from exciting Las Vegas, the park offers a relaxed break from big city life and the opportunity to experience the unusual.

It is truly—Magic in the Desert!

Author’s Note:  Hemenway Park is the perfect setting for a wedding or gathering.  We love it and hope you get the opportunity to visit this magical spot in the desert. This fitting photo is from by Rohan Makhecha.

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