It – Open Heart Story

Story By Rickey Stewart

If you want it, sorry you can’t have it.

And you know you will feel better if you get it.

People say drop it, you don’t need it.

They don’t under stand you can’t forget about it.

All you ever do is dream and think about it.

Hell, your moods are controlled by it.

You get down and depressed by the lack of it.

And in your heart you would feel great getting it.

Your called crazy or obsessed over it.

No one gets that whom you are is because of it.

But I guess everyone has there own it.

And if you say you don’t, then you’re full of shit.

I have lost mine, but I hope to re-find IT.

Publishing Editor’s Note:  Rickey’s poem is so true, everyone has that special something they believe they need to be happy.  The photo was designed especially for this poem.  Original Poem Date:  November 19, 2007

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