Old Days – Open Heart Story

Story By Rickey Stewart

When you are younger it almost always bugs you when the older folks talk about the “Old Days”.  They do it every time more than three of them are together.  Even more so when alcohol is involved.  So as youth, you can never understand why it is such a big deal.

Then you are in your twenties and thirties, just having a grand old time.  Hell you are too busy with work and play, friends and parties, traveling and doing stupid things.  Things you think will just fade from memory; because all you have time for is just living in the moment — never worrying about tomorrow.  You may even fall in love fourteen or fifteen times, getting your heart broke worse than the last time.  But you recover, and fourteen of those people you will never see again.  If you are lucky one of those may have broken your heart, but they did it because they loved you more than you knew then.

Then one day out the blue, the “one” just shows up.  You get close, have fun, fall in love and get married.  Which if you are lucky, from that marriage, comes a child or two.  That maybe you thought would never happen.  The special day of your first child comes and goes so quickly.  Thirteen years later it does not seem possible — they have grown so quickly, in a blink of the eye.  In that thirteen years were little league, peewee football, basketball or soccer games.  Maybe throw in a bit of karate, and what you have is just the beginning.

Before you know it there is someone talking about the Old Days, very fondly actually.  As it turns out, that someone is you.  It seems you can’t help it because you have made, and acquired some pretty good memories in your younger years. Talking about the Old Days happens to come naturally, like walking or eating.  And if you look at the right time you can catch your child shaking their head at your stories, just like you did about——yeah, back then, that sounds good.

So when you feel down or old and missing those days gone by, and all the memories you created.  Don’t forget you made those times, and you can make more of the good Old Days for the future.

Publishing Editor’s Note:  Rickey’s delightful story about growing older and cherishing the past comes straight from the heart.  The photo was designed especially for this piece.  Original Story Date:  May 4, 2013

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