Love – Open Heart Story

Story By Mr. Wishbone

LOVE:  A four-letter word that carries so much power.  And like another notorious four letter words, to some it is just ass vulgar.   Other groups of people will sing its praise.  And to another group it simply is a word that holds no meaning.  LOVE can be searched for, run away from, used against you, dreamt of, thrown away, unconditional and very envious of.  For such a relatively small word it carries so many different meanings.  Just about everyone has been hurt by LOVE.  Those that say they haven’t either don’t know it yet or they are not telling the truth.  Because LOVE can cut deeper than any sword.  Take longer to heal from than ANY injury known to man.  But on the other hand LOVE can be the best thing to ever happen to you.  Filling you with joy and contentment.  It can fill you with so much………well it can fill you with LOVE.  Colors seem brighter, flowers smell more fragrant, and the world is an open book.  So for a lot of us including myself, every description of LOVE I have given…..I …I have felt them all.  From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, and I would not wish my “lows” to anyone.  So where in the valley or where on the mountaintop does LOVE have you right now?  Me, well let’s just say where I am at is comparable to Death Valley.  The lowest of LOVE you can achieve.  Or I should say the lowest LOVE could beat you down to.  Sea level.  But don’t worry about me because the way LOVE plays with my life next week I very well could be standing on the Mount Everest of LOVE.

Publishing Editor’s Note:  This submission comes to us anonymously.  We will refer to this person as Mr. Wishbone.  The open, honest and sometimes raw feelings expressed in this piece will touch your very soul.  The photo was designed for this post.  Original Story Date:  September 3, 2013.

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