Cherished Traditions – Open Heart Story

Story By Cynthia Lee De Boer

No matter your faith or family structure, holiday traditions create memories that last a lifetime.  The Christmas tree was a major part of our celebrations and choosing a new ornament was a big deal.  My daughter always wanted the Holiday Barbie ornament for her collection and when she moved out on her own all those beautiful dolls decorated her tree.  Shortly after that, I remarried into a household with three children.  My husband and I wanted to create a special tradition for our blended family and decided to begin a Christmas tree tradition.

We began the tradition with the eldest child and worked our way down.  Each child was given the honor of designing their special Christmas tree.  They would get to design the tree from the color and type of lights to every ornament and what should be placed on the top.  One duplicate ornament was purchased and placed with the family’s decorations as a reminder of that teen’s special tree, but everything else was placed in a Christmas Box for them.

The kids loved it and the variety was amazing.  The eldest chose white lights, green balls and frog ornaments.  There were frogs in Santa hats, jumping from presents, made from bells, cloth and resin.  It was delightful.

The next child picked red, white and blue lights, gold and crimson balls with an assortment of cars, trucks, and bikes hung from ribbons racing among the branches.  It was a tree rich in pride for country, service and freedom.  Soon to join the Marine Corps, this was the perfect tree for him.

The youngest decided on pale purple lights and silver balls mixed with snowballs and ice cycle ornaments.  This combination was not only delicate looking but quite beautiful.

As far as the tree topper, they all chose to use our Angel.  We are successful at keepings our tradition alive by giving each child another themed ornament every Christmas.

Our children are adults now with homes of their own.  Although many Christmas memories have faded out of site, they all remember their special tree and the traditions of home.

This year begin a tradition of your own; even a simple thing becomes a cherished memory when fueled by love!

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