The Article – Open Heart Story

Story By Cynthia Lee De Boer

There it sat staring up at him like a neon sign, flashing in his mind—HER MAGAZINE!  She left it there for a reason, another dig at him about their stale love life.  Carl knew the sparks hadn’t been flying lately, but he definitely did not need some prissy magazine telling him what to do about it.  Still there it was in bright red letters, “How To Put The Spice Back In The Bedroom!”  He snatched up the book and quickly paged to the dog-eared article.  Amazingly, there were some interesting ideas as well as some extremely crazy ones.

Finally, Carl decided tomorrow would be the day.  He would surprise her with his perfect plan.  Carl arrived home an hour before Kendal to set the stage.   Scattered rose petals lead from the front door to the back patio.  Fresh strawberries, and whip cream in crystal bowls sat on beds of crushed ice.  Warm chocolate sauce for dipping was in the fondue pot and Kendal’s favorite red wine next to their fine-cut crystal glasses.  Sexy soft music played and several candles were flickering all around.  The water in the hot tub was covered with a layer of bubbles from a small dose of vanilla bubble bath, and rose petals danced in ever changing colors sue to the blue light beneath the water’s surface.  Next to the hot tub was an inflatable bed covered with silky sheets, even more rose petals and tons of pillows.  Kendal’s satin robe was draped across a chair next to the bed and Carl was wearing a see through white scarf around his waist.

Suddenly he heard her car pull into the drive.  He quickly positioned himself on the bed, placed a rose between his teeth and tried to look sexy in his nervous excitement.  He couldn’t wait to see her face—she was going to be so surprised!  That thought crossed his mind as he heard her key enter the lock on the front door—but what was that—VOICES!   Jim, Joe and Bert’s to be exact!

Carl was like a deer caught in headlights, he couldn’t move.  Bert was the first to hit the patio with a sack of groceries in his arms.  “Whoa doggie!” was all he said.  He spun around on his heels and darted back into the house.

After a few moments of excited talk and giggling, the front door opened and closed.  Kendal shyly emerged from the house; red faced, but not as red as Carl.

She explained that she invited Carl’s poker buddies over for a game, bought his favorite snacks and cigars.  She arranged the evening out with her friends so the guys could have the place to themselves.  Kendal’s plan also included the following evening for them.  She would prepare a romantic dinner and serve it up wearing only a smile.  Both ideas came from The Article!

Authors Note:  As wedding anniversaries fade into memories, often so does the romance.  Laughing together is a great way to open the door to romance.  Please enjoy this with your partner and remember your love. The Photograph was designed for this story.

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