Sgt. Nelson, KIA – Open Heart Story

Story By Ramon Collins

She knelt on damp ground and stared

at the name chiseled on the granite headstone.

A stone quarried by a stranger

and inscribed by a failed sculptor.

Army Nelson didn’t hear breezes rustle dying leaves,

she didn’t bow her head.

She didn’t feel the coldness enter her knees

and rise up the torso to her heart.

“You are always on my mind,” she whispered.

Amy tried to stand but the earth beneath her knees

held her tight.

Publishing Editors Note:  This is a tribute to the many brave souls who gave the ultimate price for our country.  Written by our very own Ramon Collins; SFC Collins served during the Korean Conflict (1952) in the 40th Inf. Div.  He was awarded the Army Commendation Medal, two battle stars, and did liaison work with the 1st Marines on Heartbreak Ridge.  Ramon says, “Soldiers Die, Memories Don’t.”  This poem truly comes from Ramon’s heart and was previously published in A Long Story Short e-zine in 2011 and ran through 2012.  The picture was created for this poem. 

Please take a moment to remember why we have a Memorial Day.