Happily Ever After – Open Heart Story

Story By Cynthia Lee De Boer

Valentine’s day with all its hearts, flowers and boxed chocolates marks February as a month for lovers. Every person looking for love hopes to spend that day with someone special and that it may turn into happily ever after. Most single people describe their idea of happily ever after by using flowery words to list desired attributes for the unflawed image of the perfect partner and absolutely magnificent life they have created in their minds. But the truth of the matter is that there is no perfectly unflawed person or the absolute perfect life. We all have our flaws and there is no perfect life. That being said it’s our imperfections and troubled days that make them and us memorable and unique—and that is human perfection in every way!

Happily ever after happens when we find someone who takes us, flaws and all. They find those flaws endearing, funny or uniquely us and yes once in a while I’m quite sure they also find them a bit irritating. Still, what’s love without a little friction?

Sadly, we live in a disposable world where it is generally less expensive and easier to purchase something new than to repair something broken. This attitude bleeds into our personal relationships, proven by the high rate of divorce. One comment said shortly before a wedding was, “Well fi it doesn’t work out we’ll just get a divorce.” In my way of thinking that person was not completely committed to their so to be spouse or the vows they were about to make.

Finding a partner is a wonderful thing but the commitment and work doesn’t stop when you move in together or get married. Seriously, would that belief system work at your place of employment? Well I got the job, work done! It simply is not that way. The attainment of something doesn’t end the dedication to that accomplishment whether it’s a possession, a job or a person. Everything takes maintenance and care if it is to last, especially a relationship. Each person should be committed to growing together and sharing everything life has to throw your way.

My personal marriage is no exception, as many challenges have hit us. It has been extremely difficult at times but with love, respect, trust and work we have survived. Our monetary, health, family and work issues have strengthened our relationship. We truly believe that no one and nothing is more important than the commitment we made to one another. We were made for each other and fit together perfectly. No matter how cliché it may sound, we are soul mates and that knowledge resides deep in our hearts and minds.

So stop looking for a perfection that does not exist and give human perfection a try. And once you’ve found it, tend to it. With all its flaws it truly makes life worth living.

Happy Valentine’s Day!       Happy February!       Happily Ever After!

Author’s Note:  The finger painted heart used in this story was created by my grandson, Zenn Danner as a gift to me.  He was only four years old at the time and is a perfect example of how perfectly human our creations are.  Nothing is better!

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