Paradise In The City – Open Heart Story

Poem By Cynthia Lee De Boer

Hidden in the big cement and steel city,

There is a place to escape.

A natural paradise of beauty.

It is a school garden,

Captured in spring.

Bright yellow patches of daffodils in the green grass.

Young and tender leaves opening on the trees.

Lilac bushes budding.

A light spring shower,

Made the air fresh.

The sky was bright blue,

The sun was shinning.

School had ended for the day, everyone was gone.

Except two young and beautiful girls.

Still very innocent, their minds filled with beauty.

Unaware of the ugliness,

The hardships and pain,

The danger and crime,

Unaware of the city.

They looked natural,

As if in Heaven.

Authors Note:  I wrote this poem January 28, 1976 in Mrs. Hauser’s Honor’s English Class.  It received an A with the word “Beautiful!” written below the grade.  As she was someone I truly respected, I will always treasured i!  The beautiful photo was from Patrick Van Stee and the Unsplash website.

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