Simply Paradise – Open Heart Story

Story By Cynthia Lee De Boer

A distant, low moaning horn echoes in from the sea while several gulls play in the sky above me. The flapping of their wings and shrill voices accent the hypnotic sound of the incoming waves. Wave after wave, they chase each other to the shoreline and then race back out for another turn.

The sand and sun heat my thick blanket while a cool breeze flows over my skin like gentle hands, caressing my very soul. The smell and taste of the sweet, yet salty air envelopes me.

Soon, the waves summon me. I move from the massaging hot sand to a harder, cool and wet surface at the water’s edge. The spray of water showers my feet like a rich lotion, and I walk into the silky liquid. Diving in, swimming out and then floating back to shore, a human dolphin, frolicking in the water.

When I emerge from the sea, my hair streams down my back like a smooth waterfall.   The breeze cools my body as I race for the warmth of my blanket.

Lost in the moment, out of breath and full of peace.

Authors Note:  I love the sea and wrote this story in November 2009.  The beautiful photo is from Unsplash taken by Ma. Alejandra.

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