Brian Moon – Open Heart Story

Story By Cynthia Lee De Boer

Ruby stood at the bottom of a jagged rocky trail leading to Brian Moon’s cabin.  Here in the middle of nowhere, her small five-foot frame was but a single drop of water on the ocean.  She had never felt so insignificant or so alone.

Ruby was at a time in her life where she felt lost.  Nothing had ever gone to plan for her. Her latest job failure was followed by the discovery that her best friend was having an affair with her fiancée.  This led Ruby to believe that there must be something wrong with her.  She decided to visit Brian Moon.  He was a celebrated mystic and she was hoping he could help.  It was said that he had the power to change your life, to speak with the dead and to travel anywhere in the world with out leaving his cabin.  Story after story of his amazing abilities captured peoples’ imagination, admiration and fear all at the same time.

Those brave enough to seek him out were forever changed.  They almost seemed to glow.  Stress was no longer an issue and they actually began to live, to experience every moment and to find the joy in it.  Their questions were satisfied and they possessed a great respect for this giant of a man.  Now it was her turn to change her life and yet she felt a bit foolish.  How could any of this be possible?

Ruby looked back to the safety of her Ford Ranger, took a deep breath, and turned to begin her ascent up the trail to another possible let down.  The narrow path was littered with loose rocks making every step precarious.  Ruby quickly noticed the varied shapes and colors of the rocks.  Some had razor sharp edges while others were polished smooth.  Red, black, tan and nearly white colors appeared like kaleidoscope pieces before her.

Off to the side of the trail were big fluffy pines poking through the low heavy clouds making her feel a bit claustrophobic as the half dead willows encircled their lush cousins.  Beautiful wild flowers grew next to deteriorating stumps.  The smells ranged from rotting wood to fragrant pine and an array of flowers.  But there were no insects, animals or sounds.  It was deathly quiet.  No birds chirping of flies buzzing—on wood crackling or leaves rustling—no rushing water in the distance.  Nothing but the sounds of her footsteps, breathing, and beating heart.

Ruby felt she had entered another world, an alternate reality of unlikely combinations.  The feeling increased with every minute and by the time her two-hour journey to the cabin was complete she was light headed and sick to her stomach.  She collapsed in a huge rocking chair on the expansive porch.  The creak of the chair summoned a tiny dog weighing no more than five pounds.  He raced out the front screen door, sailed into her lap and began licking her face as if she was his long lost master.  All the while he stared at her intently with his shiny dark eyes.  The dog’s black velvety fur tickled her skin.  She giggled at his excitement and then the door opened a second time.

A mountain of a man stepped out.  He was over seven feet tall with massive shoulders, tanned leathery skin and thick wavy hair.  A lock of his hair danced across his forehead and he wore a well-groomed mustache and beard.  Kind brown eyes surrounded with long thick lashes

twinkled down at her.  Brian wore a dark red shirt and heavy brown pants with a large buckled belt and hiking boots.  He wasn’t what she expected even though she really didn’t know what to expect.

Brian extended his hand to her as his smile revealed a brilliant white set of teeth.  “Welcome little lady, I’ve been expecting you.  It seems my dog Pepper has taken to you and that’s quite unusual for him.”

Ruby’s hand met his and she was in awe of the strength and gentleness of his large paw. He must have her confused with someone else, there’s was no way he would know she was coming.  “Are you sure you were expecting me?”  Her voice stuttered like a nervous schoolgirl.

“I’m sure Ruby, the trees told me.  You want me to answer some questions for you but you already know the answers.  They have been inside you all along.  You just have to listen to yourself.”  His voice rose from the depths of the earth, deep and low, it was the most powerful yet gentle voice she had ever heard.

Their conversation lasted hours.  Ruby told him her entire life’s story although he seemed to already know it.  For every question she would voice he would ask her questions that lead her to find her own truth.  She was able to understand her self and her life’s journey.

Brian shared stories about his abilities and the fact that he possessed them for as long as he could remember.  He explained that he was connected to the forest and wanted it to be a mixture of things that didn’t seem to go together to represent our lives.  As for the silence, it was so you could truly hear yourself.  He assured her that everything would appear normal when she realized the answers to her questions.

When the curtain of darkness covered the mountain the clouds cleared and the stars seemed close enough to touch.  The full moon was the size of a dinner plate and glowed to light the forest.  Ruby and Brian shared a meal and then Ruby spent the night in a cozy guest room with a crackling fireplace.  In the morning, she woke to the chirping of birds and the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen.  Brian and Ruby enjoyed a breakfast together and when he put out his hand to say goodbye Ruby rushed into his arms to give him a hug.  She just couldn’t resist.  It was like hugging her father when she was a small child.  She was safe and loved wrapped in his arms.  They had a true connection and instantly cared for each other.  Kate was sad to leave but headed down the mountain.  She kept turning back to look at the cabin and every time Brian was smiling and waving while Pepper barked his goodbyes.

The trail had magically cleared and she reached her Ranger in less than an hour.  The forest was alive and everything seemed to fit.  She turned her Ford around to started down the road.  She glanced in her rear view mirror back at the trail to Brian’s cabin but it had disappeared.  Brian told her the trail only appeared to those in need.  Kate would never need to find it again.  She knew how to find her answers—Brian Moon had taught her well!

Author’s Note:  This fantasy is a journey of self-discovery.  Sometimes we all need to believe in a little magic.  May you always find your answers.  Original story date:  May 2010.  The photo was taken in Hobart by Dann De Boer. What a perfect mountain scene.

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