A Father, The Rock We Cling To – Open Heart Story

By Cynthia Lee De Boer

Not long ago, a Father was the sole financial provider, while the Mother stayed at home tending to the house and the children.  With changing economics — came changing households.  Sharing the burdens of financial, household, and parenting duties began to be the norm.  The single parent households also increased with the times, often leaving the Father as the sole caregiver for his children.  The term Mr. Mom was penned, and we all knew of these special men who could do it all — just as their female counterparts.

This Sunday we would like to pay homage to these wonderful men, the Fathers and the Father Figures we all know and love.  The Fathers of the past, that worked ever so hard to provide for their families. — The Fathers of today, who share all of life’s responsibilities with their partners — The Mr. Moms out there, doing it all on their own — The Father Figures that touch our lives by sharing their knowledge, care, and most of all — their time.

A Father is someone we look up to, the rock we cling to, the man we depend on, the one who protects us, and the one we love.

Happy Father’s Day to every Dad in the World!!!

Authors Note:  Written to honor, and recognize the Fathers of this world.  The photo is of Mojave Rock Formations, and was captured in April, 2008 by Dann De Boer (One of the Best Dad’s I know).  This beautiful image depicts the strength of the Fathers in our lives – The Rocks We Cling To!