A Brighter Perspective For Giving Thanks! – Open Heart Story

Story by Cynthia Lee De Boer

For many Thanksgiving is the beginning of an extremely busy time and the stress that comes with it. It is also the perfect time to view our realities in a more positive manner. The ability to perceive even the most mundane chore with a smile creates a marvelous reality. If we didn’t have a plate to eat off of, we wouldn’t need to wash the dishes. If we didn’t have heat, we wouldn’t need to pay the power bill and so on and so on.

Reviewing the previous year is how many decide what they should be grateful for this Thanksgiving. Did the passage of time change one’s perspectives in any way? Did it soften or solidify a joyful or traumatic event? If circumstances and people did not change, did we choose to find a way to accept that, or did we chose to continue to fight against matters we cannot control? Did we view our birthday as a horrible little secret, an age never to be revealed?   Or did we celebrate the glorious fact that we were able to spend another year in this reality?

Our memories keep the past alive in our hearts and minds. It’s how we hang on to the passage of time for it is a precious commodity we can never replace. This Thanksgiving I would like to invite you to look at the events as well as all that surrounds you with a positive and compassionate heart. View your life as if it was a friend’s life and you were trying to cheer them up by pointing out all they have to be grateful for. What positives do you see? You can start small. Perhaps it’s just the weather or a particular item that’s dear to you. Maybe it’s a hobby, a favorite show or book, even these small treasures can bring a smile. When you begin to perceive all that surrounds you with a positive outlook, you will discover so many things to be grateful for. Count your many blessings, great and small and you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving!