Our Nation’s Independence Day – Open Heart Story

Story By Cynthia Lee De Boer

Parades of people sharing their passions flow through the crowded streets.  Flags wave from homes, businesses, and happy hands.  All wear red, white and blue, proudly patterned in stars and stripes.  BBQ, cold drinks, and apple pies line picnic tables.  Baseball tops the list of the games being played by all.

Evening comes with full bellies and tired bodies, it is time to relax, and enjoy.  To ponder the upcoming event – will it be as good as last year’s – what about the wind – how high will they go – how long will it last – any new ones this year?  Question upon question and everyone has an opinion.

And then it happens—A BOOM in the dark propels an explosion of color into the night’s sky – the show has begun.  One after the other, the glittering cascade of multi-color fills the darkness, overshadowing even the brightest star.  Exclamations of Oohs! and Aahs! follow each brilliant display.  Some resemble a weeping willow or a beautiful fountain of golden water bubbling to the earth.   Some burst dramatically onto the black canvas in large flashes of light demanding attention.   And others surprise us.  Just as we believe the colorful shower has ended, another shoots out, pushing even higher, followed by a third that pushes higher still.

All too soon the finale is shot with multiple fireworks in play and everyone in awe!  The show is over but the excitement lingers as each person comments on their favorites.

The smell and smoke of gunpowder from this magnificent tribute fade into the past, a subtle reminder of the battles fought for the Independence we enjoy.  But sadly, few have made the connection.

Tomorrow a new day will begin, rich with memories of another 4th of July.  Another day in The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave – May we always remember, we are the fortunate people of this unique country and above all:

                     MAY GOD BLESS OUR AMERICA!!!

Author’s Note:  I love this great country and am proud of our independence.  This is my way of remembering how truly blessed I am.  The photos were created for this piece.  Original story date:  June 2013.

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