Celebrating Thanksgiving – Open Heart Story

Story By Cynthia De Boer

Thanksgiving is celebrated in a multitude of ways; each one is special to that individual. The cooks in the house, view it as days of planning in the hopes of preparing the best meal ever. Others can’t wait to be served all they can eat, and the food coma that’s sure to follow. For some it means long commutes to spend time with friends and family, while their hosts prepare for their arrival. Many can’t wait to cheer on for their favorite football team with the feast planned around game time. And Black Friday shoppers busy themselves developing a strategy to obtain the best buys; positive this will give them a head start on December’s festivities.

Sadly, the true purpose of Thanksgiving is often lost in the hustle of the day. To give thanks and acknowledge all of our blessings, no matter their size. Giving thanks for the precious people in our lives, our health, our memories of yesterday and the people no longer with us, the dreams for our tomorrows, the homes we live in and the work we do. Gratitude for the simple pleasures in life: the smell of freshly brewed coffee or cocoa, the sound of children laughing or your favorite music, the site of a beautiful mountain range or two people holding hands, the feel of fresh linens or the soft fur of a puppy. Being grateful for all our senses and the feelings they evoke. Appreciation for the sun, rain, snow and wind, for each serves a purpose. Remembering the small acts of kindness and shared smiles between strangers. And I’m certain there are several more blessings as unique as the person enjoying them. Each one touches our lives, hearts and souls to create memories.

Spend Thanksgiving in your special way, but please take a few moments to acknowledge your blessings and let those you care about know that you do. You may even want to donate your time or resources to the less fortunate. These gifts are a wonderful way to understand how truly blessed you are. I’m sure these simple acts will make this A True Thanksgiving Celebration!

Written in October 2016