When the sun rose on September first, our world changed forever. They arrived undetected under the cover of darkness. The ships were enormous, and they didn’t make a sound. No one knew why they came, what they wanted or how long they would stay. The Earth was gripped by the fear of the unknown. News reporters speculated on every negative possibility with only a hint of the positive. 

Leaders from around the world conferred on the best way to respond to the ships and soon it was decided to send up unarmed planes with loudspeakers repeating a welcome message and asking their intentions. This was done in every known language around the globe. Hours passed with no response and the ships hung stationary in the sky. The reality that we were not alone in the galaxy was undeniable, but we still had no idea what was in store for our planet.

  As night began to fall the ships left as silently as they came. The visits repeated every day for the next few weeks, coming and going undetected and silent. Worldwide efforts to make contact failed with each passing day. Finally, on September 20th things changed. Small crafts emerged from the great ships and landed at the capitals of every continent. This possibility had also been discussed and no show of force or defense would be seen by the visitors. The craft’s doors opened as a single being emerged at every location. They appeared to be a humanoid, males over seven feet tall dressed in long flowing glistening robes with shoes to match. They were very thin with smooth glossy purplish skin and large bright blue almond shaped eyes void of pupils. Their large heads were free of hair and their noses and mouths were small. Tiny openings on the side of their heads appeared to be ears. They moved with grace and held their head high with confidence as they scanned their surroundings. Their long arms swayed as they walked in silence. As they moved toward the structures, the world’s leaders stepped out to greet the tall strangers. The beings greeted each other by bowing their heads. Simultaneously, this took place at every capital around the world.

Reporters and the public were kept at a distance so the conversation would be private and not be interrupted. It lasted several minutes ending in bowed heads and smiles. The tall strangers went back to their crafts and within minutes all the ships disappeared from our skies. The world leaders conferred once again and the following day each leader addressed his people with the same message. The humanoid beings were an ancient race, called the Loyals. Peace, love and truthfulness were the codes these advanced beings lived by. They’ve been watching us for eons and thought we were the type of beings that would attack anything we did not understand. This was the reason for coming and going for several days. When they weren’t attacked, they had hope for us and decided to make direct contact. They came to our world because their world was in trouble. The temperatures were dropping day by day. Their research predicted that they would be plunged into an ice age in less than one earth year. They had to find another home world and ours was a perfect fit. In exchange they would share their knowledge in all areas, including technology, agriculture and medical. However, this would not be possible  unless the entire world came to and adhered to a global peace treaty. In less than a week, treaties were drafted and signed. Soon our visitors took up residence among us.

A few years have passed and peace reigns throughout our world. Hunger and homelessness are non-existent. Advancements in every field have been remarkable. Most of the world’s population have become accustomed to our alien population, but there are some among us who feel they are a danger to us. They wonder what these advanced beings truly want. For now, there is peace. As for the future of our planet, only time will tell. 

By Cynthia-Lee De Boer