Inspirational Speaker, Author & Disability Advocate

Cynthia L De Boer’s speaking platform has been described as inspirational, informational, brave and at times humorous. She shares her personal story and the lessons she learned along the way. It is eye opening and vital to anyone suffering any type of loss. Friends and family can benefit from her as well. She is dedicated to inspiring people to find their inner strength and develop compassion for others with sometimes-invisible disabilities.

Her interviews can be seen online and Cynthia’s assorted articles have been published in a local Home Magazine. An article published in Shimmy, a magazine devoted to the art of belly dancing is very special to her. This piece is a journal of the preparation and celebration of her fiftieth birthday where she danced for family and friends. She lovingly titled this piece The Golden Dancer. It was written to pay tribute to the courage, beauty, and grace of all women, no matter their physical shape or age. She is very proud of this work and of this accomplishment. Cynthia can definitely check this goal off her Bucket List.

Cynthia launched her story blog in 2013. The site is dedicated to short stories, fictional and non-fictional in a variety of genres. This platform gives her the opportunity to share not only her work but that of other authors as well and has been added to this site.

Her lifelong passion for writing has at times served as an escape from the harsh realities of life. Winning an eighth grade Honor’s English Medal is one of her most prized accomplishments. She continually attends conferences on the various aspects of writing and in 2011 she completed a two-year course titled Breaking Into Print. She’s also involved with writing groups including the Henderson Writers Group and has even hosted one at a local Senior Center.

Cynthia is proud to be a member of The Women’s Federation for World Peace. These women work together to establish a culture of heart in the family, community, nation, and world in order to achieve genuine and sustainable peace under God. .

She is also a member of The National Federation of the Blind. They believe “You can live the life you want; blindness is not what holds you back.”

Her latest book, Jimmy’s Magic Turtle is a two-line rhyme children’s book for ages four to eight years of age. It was written to honor her nephew, Jimmy’s short life. Portions of these book sales are donated to The Marfan Foundation. Please check out this worthy organization.

You can meet Cynthia at many of The Coffee House Tours signings throughout the Las Vegas, Nevada area. This is currently a groups of thirty indie and traditionally published authors. Each with varied backgrounds and genres. This diverse groups quite unique. For events visit:

Some of Cynthia’s career highlights include attaining a C-3 Construction License and real estate License, successfully managing a home inspection/appraisal company and two health clubs, as well as owning and running an organizational consulting business She currently works as an inspirational speaker, author, and disability advocate. Cynthia loves the outdoors and meeting new people. Her greatest joys come from being a wife to the love of her life, a mother, and grandmother.

“I am grateful and blessed each and every day in so many ways, it’s impossible to count them all!”

Cynthia Lee De Boer


Cynthia grew up in the Denver Colorado area and now lives near Las Vegas Nevada.  She enjoys traveling, meeting new people and the outdoors. Her greatest loves are being a wife, mother and grandmother.

Her career highlights include attaining a C-3 Construction License and Real Estate License, successfully managing a home inspection/appraisal company and two health clubs as well as owning and operating an organizational consulting business and a home décor business.

Cynthia’s current careers as an author, inspirational speaker and disability advocate are fueled by her medical challenges and life’s experiences.  Her first book ‘Me, Myself and Eye, The Realities of Living With a Prosthetic Eye’ has been widely received as an honest and much-needed influential resource. During her speaking engagements, Cynthia is consistently asked how she maintains a positive attitude. These questions are proof that her second book is definitely needed.  ‘Freedom From Depression, No Matter What Your Disability May Be.’ She enjoys speaking and teaching her audience about prosthetic eyes, eye health, depression, disabilities and the fields of writing, publishing and self-promotion. Her third book, ‘Jimmy’s Magic Turtle’ was written to celebrate all the children who imagine…What if? It is dedicated her nephew, Jimmy Rea and contains information on the disease, Marfan. This is just one more way Cynthia is using her work to educate, and inspire. For more information please contact her at: