Creative writers, photographers, and artists generously donate their time, and talents to help make this site a success.  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to these special individuals.  My gratitude and appreciation to you all! 

Elizabeth Blau  — Contributing Artist

Elizabeth holds an MFA and a BFA in the Arts.  The painting used in “The Beige Box” held so much meaning for me that I had to purchase it.  Her work covers a wide range of subjects, and never ceases to amaze me.  Please visit her at

Ramon Collin — Contributing Writer

Ray lives on the NE edge of the Mojave Desert with an Irish wife and two small Animal Rescue dogs.  He’s a retired cartoonist from Seattle who started writing fiction in 1997.  Collins has edited and taught Micro fiction and has several stories in “print” and even more online.  He’s often seen running with a pack of scruffy coyotes, howlin’ at the moon.  You can contact Ray via email at

Mark Danner — Contributing Artist

Mark lives in Las Vegas with his wife Tia Taymar and his two adorable sons. He received his BA in Art History from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.  He is not only a creative set and prop designer but is also a master at constructing and finishing his designs.  Cartooning is another talent he seems to perform effortlessly.  Contact Mark via email at

Dann De Boer — Contributing Photography

Dann is an amateur photographer with an amazing eye and a deep love of the craft.  He is also the love of my life!  His work can be found throughout this site.  Dann can be reached via email at

Peter Davidson — Contributing Writer

Peter Davidson is the author or co-author of twenty-seven books published by McGraw-Hill Book Company, Perigee/Putnam Publishers, Haworth Press, and others. His works include novels, nonfiction, college textbooks, and children’s picture books. For more than two decades, Davidson was one of America’s most active writer’s seminar presenters, having presented over 625 one-day seminars in a fifteen-state area from Minnesota to Tennessee and Colorado to Illinois.

Davidson and his wife live in the Lake Okoboji resort area of Iowa in the summer and in Arizona in the winter. Peter Davidson can be emailed at

Todd Harrell — SSP Unlimited — Web Design & Maintenance

Todd Harrell owns SSP Unlimited. His company offers a wide range of services including Web Design, Audio Engineering, Radio Spot Production, Voice-Over Production and Personal Concierge services.

Todd designed and maintains this site. His expertise, prompt response, and consideration of customer wants and needs is remarkable. I highly recommend Todd. Contact him at 

 Mary Hida — Contributing Writer

Mary Hida lives in Henderson, NV with her Japanese husband of 38 years. She spent most of her childhood in Japan, which ignited her interest in other cultures. She has a daughter living in Manhattan, NY. Mary is a world traveler and is currently the WFWP (Women For World Peace) Chairwoman, Las Vegas, Among her interests are yoga, Pilates, dancing, learning languages and sharing words of wisdom and encouragement with women in all walks of life. Mary can be contacted at or by phone at (702) 232-4023.

Penny Rea — Contributing Writer & Artist

Penny was born in Colorado and has always possessed a flair for art.  Her last name is pronounced ‘Ray”, which is very fitting as rays of light play an important role in most of her work.Her unique style is inspired by nature and the spiritual realm often seen in dreams.  Through  her interpretation and use of light, she draws people into her work.  Light brings life and realism.  An intuitive artist, she creates what your imagination holds.  Visit her via email at

Carol Cerrone Richards — Contributing Writer

Carol lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband and their family of dogs and kitties. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking and traveling, particularly in the mountains and at the beach. Carol also does volunteer work with child welfare advocacy groups. She has been employed in the paralegal profession and had articles appear in legal publications. As a long time student of yoga and spiritual growth, she recently self-published a book of inspirational meditations and positive affirmations, Take A Break Self-Meditate.  Her goal is to assist others in guiding their soul to a place of peace and to live with a joyful, loving heart. Carol may be reached through her book’s website: or at

Minnie Rodriguez — Logo & Web Design

Minnie owns two businesses, Graphic Communications and Minerva’s Soap. She uses her talents for logo, web designs, and a host of other services while her Bath & Body Craft business employs her other talents. Minnie designed the heart shaped logo I first used for my story blog which has been adapted to fit my current logo with the help pf my sister, Penny and my brother-in-law, Jimmy. Visit Minnie at


Brian Rouff—Managing Partner—Imagine Communications

I hired Brian and his team to design the cover, layout, editing and printing for my ‘Freedom’ book and recommend them highly.  They are dedicated, compassionate and deliver on or before deadlines. 

Established in 2000, Imagine Communications is a full-service marketing and communications firm headquartered in Las Vegas, NV with offices in Michigan and Florida. Working with local small businesses and large national corporations, Imagine Communications offers services in strategic planning, public relations, graphic design, advertising, social media, video production, website development, book publishing and more. (702) 837-8996 


Rickey Stewart — Contributing Writer

Rickey is a born night owl and has worked at some unique places; including a gold mine.  He enjoys spending time with his son, fishing and good friends. Writing helps clear his mind of excess stories and information. Contact him via email at