‘Me, Myself & Eye’ LP Book Price & E-Book Info

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This intimate look into a seemingly surreal series of events is thought provoking, honest and at times heart wrenching. The journey from shock and loss through discovery and acceptance to end in a place of comfort and confidence thereby enabling this woman to smile once again when she looks at her reflection in the mirror. This passionate real life account is a must read for any one suffering a body part loss.

Me, Myself & Eye is the blending and acceptance of:

ME, the physical body —
MYSELF, the emotional mind and —
EYE, the prosthesis into a complete and healthy being.

Find out what’s it’s like to fight for years only to lose. Learn the true realities of living with a prosthetic eye. Discover camouflaging techniques and how the movements of a pet can help. Understand the trickery of the mind. Learn how a few celebrities used this loss to their advantage and how you too can inspire others. Remember a handicap is defined as an added advantage or disadvantage — it’s all up to you!

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