Jimmy's Magic Turtle

Jimmy's Magic Turtle is a beautifull illustrated two-line rhyme book. It shares the adventures of Jimmy (a five-year-old boy) and his best friend Timmy (his wonderfully magical turtle). Join them as they explore this make-believe world and celebrate all the children who imagine...

Freeing Space in Your Home, Office & Mind

'Freeing Space in Your Home, Office & Mind' is a 'How-to" book created to help the reader understand what motivates us to hold onto belongings, how to be true to your personal needs and desires and how to respectfully downsize into freedom. Freeing oneself from unwanted or unwanted possessions allows more time for the important things in life. "Time is a commodity we cannot replace. Use yours wisely." ~Cynthia Lee De Boer

Me, Myself and Eye

This intimate look into a seemingly surreal series of events is thought provoking, honest and at times heart wrenching. The journey from shock and loss through discovery and acceptance to end in a place of comfort and confidence thereby enabling this woman to smile once again when she looks at her reflection in the mirror. This passionate real-life account is a must read for any one suffering a body part loss.

Freedom from Depression

This book will inspire with its collection of encouraging stories, innovative ideas, helpful tips, and empowering calls to action. It is a comprehensive guide divided into five sections, each designed to help the reader free him or herself from depression, and to implement the changes necessary to create a happier life. Cynthia's personal journey allow readers to understand that they are not alone.